About us

Building a better future through collaboration and innovation

Nodus Oncology's ambitious vision is led by a group of entrepreneurial scientists, whose mission is to deliver new treatment options to patients.

Executive team

Scientific pioneers and strategic leaders driving Nodus Oncology's ambitious drug development.

Ian Waddell PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Research scientist with over 30 years' experience in successful R&D programmes and extensive and in-depth oncology expertise of the DDR field.

Dominic James PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Research scientist bringing wide-ranging experience in drug discovery, DDR mechanisms, apoptosis, and mitochondrial biology.

Manuelle Debunne PhD
Operations Director

Entrepreneurial scientist with proven ability to manage academic and industry programmes to translate oncology assets towards clinical development.

Scott Doak
Finance Director

Entrepreneurial financial strategist with extensive experience of financial modelling and business management, deal negotiation and investor relations.

Thomas Wirth
Chief Business Officer

Qualified and results-driven professional working closely with investors, Boards of Directors, and executives. Extensive experience in establishing companies as well as leadership of product development initiatives within the therapeutic and biotech industry.

Board of Directors

Nodus Oncology's strategic direction is aided by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive, multimodal experience in company growth and development, spanning all phases of drug discovery.

Ian Waddell PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Scott Doak
Finance Director
Julia Brown

Experienced Non-Executive Director and Chairperson with a broad scientific background and a wealth of experience in both industry and the public sector.

Keith Blundy
Non-Executive Director

Seasoned Biotech executive and board member with fundraising experience.

Clare Wareing
Non-Executive Director

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of Cumulus Oncology.

Bert Klebl
Non-Executive Director

Co-founder of KHAN Technology Transfer Fund, and Managing Director and CSO of the Lead Discovery Center.

Scientific Advisory Board

The experts guiding our advancements in DDR-targeting therapies.

Luis Toledo PhD
Scientific Founder & SAB Chair

Senior scientist at BiOrigin, Denmark and former Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, with extensive in-depth expertise of the DDR field.

Marcel van Vugt PhD

Professor of Molecular Oncology in the Department of Medical Oncology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Jan Eickhoff PhD

Head of Screening and Assay Development at the Lead Discovery Center in Dortmund, Germany.

Keith Caldecott PhD, FRS FMedSci

Professor of Genome Stability at the University of Sussex, UK.

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